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Upside Down Maps of the Moon

Posted By admin on July 1, 2013

If you’re looking for a way to get up-to-speed on North America and the  many nuances she has experienced during her history we recommend taking a look at the following books that shed perspective from varying angles of perspective and diversity – especially since that’s what North America was founded on.

  • Atlas of the North American Indian (Carl Waldman) is an updated comprehensive reference covering the entire history, culture, and tribal locations of the Indian peoples of the United States, Canada, and Central America, from prehistoric times to the present day. The text includes over 100 two-color maps.
  • Bird’s Eye Views: Historic Lithographs of North America Cities (John W. Reps) collects over 100 views dating between 1835 and 1902 and showcases the streets, buildings, churches, bridges, waterways, and surrounding countryside of North American towns that range from burgeoning metropolitan centers to small logging towns and mining camps. Cities such as  Baltimore, Brooklyn, Denver, Indianapolis, Memphis, Montreal,, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Syracuse, and Washington are just a few  presented in this collection of 115 panoramic lithographs.
  • The Atlas of North American Exploration: From the Norse Voyages to the race to the Pole (William H. Goetzmann) is comprised of 224 pages of incredible cartography that is organized chronologically by region and charts the fascinating course of North American exploration from the pre-Columbian voyages to the race to the North Pole in 1909. Reviewers have commented that the text “serves a real need for any serious student of North American history” and “not only is the book a good stand alone reference, it is also a good supplement to have near at hand when you are reading the journals or history of early explorers.”

Take a look at any of the above to start your journey exploring North America .

What the Maps of the Moon Tell Us

Posted By admin on May 13, 2013

The history of map making is a rich one, reflecting the new advances and technological and social developments that have helped to make the world what it is today. From the earliest examples of recorded maps to the high-definition photos and landscapes of other planets that have been created in recent years, there may be much that map-making can teach you about the history of mankind. Finding the resources and educational opportunities that will give you greater insight (more…)

Discover iMapBuilder

Posted By admin on March 23, 2013

iMapBuilder is a program for developing interactive maps using the provided map templates, Google maps, or maps you import. That is not all iMapbuilder can do. It can turn any image interactive as long it is in a supported format. GIF, JPG and PNG – the common web image formats – are all supported.

iMapBuilder creates interactive maps in Flash format. Flash creates the most interactive image maps possible. It is easy to place the maps in existing pages either using iMapBuilder or inserting the code manually. JPG export is available for reports (more…)

In Outside Sales? Plan Your Route with Streets

Posted By admin on June 16, 2012

Outside sales is the practice of sending salespersons out into the world beyond the company to approach potential clients. Put another way, they’re traveling salesmen. And when your job takes you on the road you need to watch your traveling and expenses budget. One way that you can do that, particularly if you’re driving rather than using planes and trains to get around, is to plan your routes out before hand for efficiency so that you use the minimal amount of effort for the maximum funds.

Nothing puts you (more…)

AAA: A Great Resource for Local Travel

Posted By admin on September 24, 2011

In 1902 nine different motor clubs met on March 4, 1902, in Chicago to form the AAA. Those nine clubs reprensented more than 1,500 individuals who believed that the United States needed safer highways. The AAA published their first road maps in 1905. The map was a hand drawn map of Staten Island, New York. The AAA printed the first transcontinental map in 1912, when Americans owned over a million cars. The original transcontinental map sold for a quarter. That started a trend for the AAA that has expanded to what the AAA has become (more…)

Games to Help Children Learn Geography

Posted By admin on September 23, 2011

Learning Geography for some children is difficult. Whether it is boring or they just do not understand or remember what the work is that had been done while in class. This is a normal as there are children who can pick up and learn geography. However, there are just as many that have trouble remembering what they learnt in class when it comes to having to take a test about geography.

This is where you can help your child learn geography with different (more…)

The Magic of MapQuest

Posted By on September 19, 2011

The Magic of MapQuest is undeniable. MapQuest’s meteoric rise began as a traditional maker and seller of maps; Cartographic services. The name change came with the push of the online map service in 1996. MapQuest quickly developed a huge following from people wanting personalized directions. Today, MapQuest is used by over 40 million people a year.
MapQuest became so successful due to their unique ability to personalize directions. There was a huge need for people to get away from paper maps. Paper maps & road atlases were often (more…)

Great Map Stores

Posted By on September 10, 2011

Whether you usually shop over your Hughes Net internet or you like to feel the map in your hand, we’ve got a few great tips for places to look to satisfy your map craving. Bet you wouldn’t have thought of these map stores!
REI: Yes, REI. The rugged outdoor store has all the maps you need for your immediate area and then some and if you need an atlas you’ve come to the right place. You (more…)

Reviews for the Best GPS Systems

Posted By admin on May 7, 2011

When it comes to traveling around this maze we call world, the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to get anywhere is by using GPS systems. With that said, the Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator is one of the older models, and it currently sits at a more than affordable deal that is around 275 retail. Even though it weighs seven and a half ounces it still has the strong will to deliver accurate tracking. In addition, it has 64 megs of memory, built-in compass, altimeter and a waterproof case.

Another one of the best models is the Garmin (more…)

GPS: The Newest Map Application

Posted By admin on April 25, 2011

Do you remember having to store a folded map in the glove compartment of every state that you’ve visited? Trying to get to those places required thoroughly scanning over the map, maybe even days before leaving, to be sure you knew the route you were going to travel.
Most assuredly, anytime we get ready to take a road trip, we want the most accurate map that is available. Nowadays, we can save a lot of time by using the newest map application, the GPS navigation system. These are installed into your automobile. (more…)